Tag: July/August 2020

A Girl with Grit

Ghan Al Sharqi might not have spoken English when she started at Homewood High School, but that wasn’t going to hold her back.

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The Story of a Still

Back in 2014 a few friends had an idea to make vodka as a hobby. Little did they know what the future would hold: Redmont Distilling Company.

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Welcome to Mayberry

Homewood, widely referred to as an incarnation of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, became even more Mayberry-like during the coronavirus pandemic.

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In the Open Air

Abstract landscapes have always been Carolyn Coker’s superpower—and now she is gets to help shape the artistry of students in her neighborhood too.

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A Chat with Edgewood Teacher Laura Mitchell

To get a taste of what an e-learning “classroom” looked like, we chatted with Laura just before the school year ended about the ups and downs of it all—certainly nothing like anything she’d seen in her previous eight years teaching at Edgewood.

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Life on the Rocks

With a pandemic comes layer and layer of uncertainty. Here are some of our neighbors’ stories of struggle, hope and giving back amidst it all.

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