Eat Local

Dave’s Pizza

I love the Pollo Pesto and the Dyno pizzas at Dave’s. Even better is a night where we get some of both while sitting outside and inevitably catching up with friends eating there or just walking by on the sidewalk.

Get Outdoors

Woodland Park

Every morning I walk to Woodland Park with my golden retrievers. The park itself is such a relaxing spot with its trail and the creek running alongside it. I have been walking this route for more than 20 years, and what I probably enjoy as much as the park itself is getting to know the others walking and living in the neighborhood (and of course their dogs) that we pass everyday.

Fellowship in Unity

The Homewood Holiday Parade

My favorite event has to be the holiday parade. I am old enough to remember when we did the parade in the morning, and even the year that it snowed. Now that our kids are grown, I love experiencing the excitement of the crowds as I ride in the parade (often after guilting one of my kids to ride with me), tossing candy and other goodies that my wife, Megan, prepares.

Arm in Arm

Our Homewood Community

It doesn’t take long to realize that we aren’t just residents who share a geographic location. We are a community of diverse families, individuals and businesses that look forward to getting to know one another, sharing our lives with each other and working together to make Homewood wonderful.

Honoring a Commitment

The Homewood City Council

I love seeing the progress that we’ve made in Homewood. I’m so proud of the way our city has advanced forward with development that enhances our community while not losing the charm and character that makes us so unique. Striking that balance isn’t always easy, but it’s important. I enjoy working with many other great public servants, city employees, residents and business owners to maintain that balance and build Homewood into the best community that it can be.