Five years after Homewood Life’s first interview with Big Spoon Creamery owner Ryan O’Hara, the magazine revisited him to learn about the ice cream parlor’s “sweet success.” What started in 2014 as a dream with only $500 to its name is now a Homewood staple in the community, serving customers only the freshest ingredients and with a smile, too. Big Spoon Creamery has since expanded from its original brick and mortar corner front in Avondale to include a location in Edgewood and this summer, a new location in Huntsville, too! Here, Ryan talks about why he loves the ice cream business and being an entrepreneur in Homewood as well.  

What’s the best part about being in business in Homewood? 

I think Homewood is a wonderful, tight-knit community. I love that residents here really embrace small businesses like ours as their own. We really feel at home here and entrenched in this community. 

What makes you excited to work at Big Spoon Creamery everyday? 

The people are what excites me. I get excited to work alongside our incredible team, and I love getting to serve our guests. We have the honor to be a part of so many special moments in the lives of our guests, from first dates to engagements to anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, you name it. I’m honored that we get to be a part of the fabric of our guests’ lives, from small moments to big ones, from celebratory occasions to sad days, we’re there for them. 

What is your favorite menu item/recommended menu item for newcomers? 

For first time guests, I love to recommend a flight. It’s six small scoops of ice cream, and it’s a great way to share with someone and get to taste a lot of different flavors! 

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? 

Pursue what you’re passionate about. This journey can be challenging at times, and it’s important to never lose sight of your “why.” When those tough days come (and they will), remembering your “why” is what will keep you going. 

Of all the businesses to go into, why ice cream? 

Well, first of all, we just really love ice cream! But, we also felt like ice cream was sort of a universal language that spans almost every demographic. We love that we get to serve our guests a product that we’re really passionate about and something that brings together so many different people from varying demographics and backgrounds.