Hunting enthusiasts Chip Hazelrig and Robbie Pike are bringing a unique concept to Central Avenue that doesn’t yet exist in Alabama–a high-end gun, fishing and outdoor lifestyle store. Sportsmen looking for the most exclusive products will find them at Caliber. Christopher Architects & Interiors created the space, and if the exterior is any indication, shopping here will be quite the well-designed experience.

What did you envision in designing the retail space?

We pictured a warm, inviting place where guests could relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while they look around. We were inspired by trips to Holland & Holland, a British gun maker as well as James Purdy & Sons in London and Beretta in Manhattan. Those shops feel like fine clothing stores but are centered around outdoor sporting. With this in mind, we designed our space to reflect quality and elegance. The gunroom is filled with custom mahogany cases and a limestone hearth. Reclaimed oak floors and ceilings make it feel cozy like guests are being invited into a friend’s hunting lodge.

How did Caliber land on Central Avenue?

Homewood welcomed us with open arms. It was an opportunity to create something special from the ground up. The area is a central location for clients in Homewood, Mountain Brook and Vestavia, and with the high-end collection of brands we’re offering, it made sense for us to locate near business hubs.

What will we find inside Caliber?

We’ve developed special relationships with the most exclusive brands in hunting and fishing as well as sporting apparel, so that’s given us access to products no one else sells in Alabama. We’re one of the only premium Beretta dealers in the country, and the only authorized retailer for Ball and Buck clothing. Purdy guns and clothing will be available as well as top of the line gear for freshwater and saltwater fishing. We’ll even have Loro Piano home decor. The store caters to the outdoor interests of men, women and youth.

This is your first venture into the world of retail. What was the draw?

Bird hunting has been a passion of mine for many years. I built a hunting lodge in Arkansas “The Duck Hunting Capital of the World” and am a member of a hunting club there. Robbie and I wanted to bring the excellence of sporting stores we’ve experienced in other parts of the world to Birmingham. There’s nothing like it in Alabama, so this was a great opportunity to create a new destination for top-tier offerings.

What else will the brand offer in addition to the retail items?

Our staff, led by 20-year industry veteran Matt Holland, specializes in the fields of guns, fishing and sporting apparel. They are seasoned advisors who can offer clients years of expertise and knowledge. We are also going to facilitate high-end outdoor excursions.