Red Pearl 

I love the Red Pearl! The band staff goes on game days in the fall, and I order something not on the menu. I also ask for it to come in a bowl. The band staff like to make fun of me for ordering it that way.   

Lakeshore Trail 

I love riding my bike on the Lakeshore Trail. During Covid, I started riding my bike a lot around town, but the trail is my favorite.   

We Love Homewood Day 

We Love Homewood Day is my favorite event the city puts on. The band is in charge of the 5K run, the rides during the day at the park and the band plays a pep rally in the middle of the day. They also play the We love Homewood Day parade!  

Homewood High School Band Field 

My favorite place in Homewood is above the high school at the band practice field. It is such a nice, secluded place way up on the mountain. You can see all over Samford University. When you see the Homewood band on Friday nights, just know that we have put in a lot of work on that practice field in the summer. My favorite time of year is when we are up there working on our show.  

Homewood High School’s Band Program 

The best part of being a band director is getting to know the kids for so long. These seniors I have been teaching for seven years! The students in the Homewood band are such amazing kids, and it is such an honor for me to stand in front of them! I have the best job in Homewood!