August 8, 2020

Photos by Liz Allison

How We Met: Jenna and I (Will) grew up attending the same elementary school, so we’ve known of each other for as long as we can really remember. However, in fifth grade I noticed a very, very cute girl sitting at the other end of the lunchroom. I carried that crush with me for about a year, until I word got out at a high school football game when we were in sixth grade. Some of my friends went to find Jenna and asked (on my behalf) if she’d be willing to date me. She said, “I’d rather die.” It was truly a tragic night. However, that answer changed gradually, and shortly after we both turned 16, I asked Jenna to go with me to Sam’s Deli in Edgewood (still our favorite!).

The Proposal: I proposed to Jenna one knee in front of Reid Chapel at Samford University. This was the same spot where Jenna and I first kissed, and we’d had countless picnics and dates there since. I prepared an antique box with three items in it. First, I had a CD with several songs that I’d written and recorded for Jenna over our years of dating. Second, I had written and printed a poem that I stood and read to her after giving her the songs. The poem ended with the lines, “My love, will you marry me?” This led to the third item: the ring!

Favorite Moment: Jenna and I had chosen to dance to Willie Hutch’s “I Choose You” for our first dance. However, she didn’t know that I was actually writing and recording a new song for her until that very moment. Right before we started dancing, I stopped and explained the backstory of song to her and everyone present. Then as we danced, we relived all the years of our life together.


  • Venue: Covenant Presbyterian Church
  • Florist: Rosegolden
  • Caterer:  Happy Catering
  • Cake: Magic Muffin
  • Invitations: Fine Paperwork
  • Wedding Dress: Carriage House
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Tulle and Chantilly
  • Hair & Makeup: Abby Moorer
  • Ceremony Music: Amanda and Steven Potazcek (guitar, piano, voice) and Annesley Streets (violin)