When life gives you a pandemic, you tell pandemic stories. Here’s our collection of tales of weddings far from Plan A, community members serving those in need and more.

Welcome to Mayberry

July/August Issue

Homewood, widely referred to as an incarnation of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, became even more Mayberry-like during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how.

What a Wonderful World: A Quarantine Wedding

May/June Issue

The COVID-19 quarantine might have reduced the guest list at Laura Smith and Eric Corscadden’s wedding, but it certainly didn’t minimize their joy. Read their full story.

A Tale of Three Feedings

May/June Issue

When there’s a need to feed kids, churches, restaurants and schools rise up. And that’s just what happened here in Homewood in March. Read more about it.

8 Good Things Happening in Homewood During COVID-19

March Online Exclusive

The first week and a half of the COVID-19 quarantine felt more like a month and a half with all the layers of pandemic news that were flooding our lives. But Homewood was always uniting together (with social distance) through it all. Here’s how.

The Pandemic Classroom

November/December Issue

With classes online or six feet apart, teachers are still teaching their students in an A+ way. Read our interviews with a teacher from each Homewood school about their experiences this fall.

COVID Summer Vacation

September/October Issue

Amy Holditch made her family’s corona summer one to remember with an RV trip up the East Coast and a few Clark Griswold-worthy moments along the way. See her full story here.

Life on the Rocks

July/August Issue

With a pandemic comes layer and layer of uncertainty. Here are some of our neighbors’ stories of struggle, hope and giving back amidst it all.