Eating out with kids doesn’t have to be a chore. We asked you about the most kid-friendly Homewood restaurants, and you gave us so many good tips that our list of dishes they love, atmospheres that create no worries, and food for Mom and Dad too grew and grew. We highlighted five favorites at the top and have lots more featured in the Honorable Mentions section below.

All About the Yard: Sam’s Deli

Hands down, Sam’s is the crowd favorite for kids, moms and dads. Order up chicken fingers or a burger and fries for your kids, and maybe the same and/or a salad or tabbouleh for you. And then for the best part—kids can run around on the hill in the back so parents can eat in peace. “Sam Daibes is never too busy to stop and talk with his customers,” Jonathan Geisen says. “The kids just love him…and, of course, the food. Its just a great family place.” Plus, where else can you go for lunch straight from the pool?

Catering to Kids: Urban Cookhouse

Before we even talk about the kids’ menu and staff, let’s cover the fact that you can easily pick up little containers of Cheerios and the coloring pages and crayons, and that you can’t miss how friendly the staff is with everyone including kids. Menu options include Piggy Mac (and let’s be real, adults would order this hot cheddar pasta as a meal if we weren’t trying to eat our veggies), Grilled Chicken Strips, Grilled Cheese, or a Grilled Peanut Butter Fluff (did anyone say Marshmallow Fluff?).
Downtown Homewood,

Patio Pleaser: Jackson’s

Arguably Homewood’s biggest patio offers a menu that could be considered a giant kids menu—burgers, pasta, pizzas, and their famous cookie dough egg roll! While Mom and Dad polish off their drinks and dinner, kids can play on the plaza within eyesight.
Downtown Homewood,

Arcade Please: Dave’s Pizza

Because what kid doesn’t want pizza for dinner in an open-air space? Plus, they can play arcade games and use what we hear is the best claw machine in town. Plus, Mom and Dad can start with a Caprese Salad or Bruschetta before a pizza with “adult” toppings like pesto and veggies—and wash it all down with beer or wine. And it all comes in an open-air atmosphere that couldn’t be more family-friendly.
Downtown Homewood,

For “Little Adults”: Nabeel’s

This Homewood classic is great for kids who like be treated as little adult customers by the friendly wait staff. Kids love their spaghetti and meatballs and their lasagna, and they offer a grilled cheese too if that’s more your kid’s style. And the park is just across the street if it’s still light afterward.
Oxmoor Road,

Honorable Mentions


“The servers are always nice and treat the girls well. You can color on the tables, and one night the girls even got to make their own bread creations. They love to get the lasagna or pizza.” -Christy Hoit Killion

Jason’s Deli

“A variety of soups and sandwiches is good for the ever picky eater. The best part though is after you eat your veggies, you get a soft-serve ice cream for dessert!” -Christy Hoit Killion

Jo Jo’s on Broadway

“Ok, it’s tiny and it’s also a bar–but my kids love it if we go for an early dinner! They love the food, and the kid prices are very reasonable. We also like sitting outside.” –Suzanne Mills

Magic City Sweet Ice

We would have picked this if it were a full restaurant. “Patriot Park is across the street, and it as outdoor seating and a swing.” – Marc Wolfe

Real & Rosemary

“I love that they strives to sneak healthy food to kiddos and their parents, but I especially enjoy the little jewel in the women’s restroom—a kid-size toilet.” – Molly Parker Wallace

Red Pearl

“The serving sizes are huge, and my girls can have lo mein for days. Also, they love to go into the market and look at the eels, crabs, turtles etc. that are for sale.” -Christy Hoit Killion

Sabor Latino, Greensprings

“We love it because is a huge space. It’s a very laid back atmosphere. You can sit in the back and not worry if your kids are, well, acting like kids.” –Suzanne Mills

SoHo Social Homewood

“It has a great kids menu. We always sit in big room off restaurant or on patio so kids can play giant jenga, cornhole or just run around outside. Nice servers too!” – Julie Banta Mizerany

Taco Mama

“My kids love the quesadillas. It’s loud in there, so no one notices my boys and how rowdy they are. We like to sit by the window so they can watch, plus they think we have to go to Edgewood Creamery after Taco Mama. It is also within walking distance to my house, so that is a huge plus for us.” – Jennifer Creel

Your Pie

“They give kids the extra dough from the kids’ size pizza to play with. My kids love playing with the dough while they wait for dinner.” – Jennifer Conklin

Zoe’s Kitchen, Soho

There are lots of kid options with kebabs, cheesy piadinas and more. “Plus the patio is pet friendly!” -Anna Smith Holmes