What are The Engaged Wedding Library founder and owner’s favorite spots around town? Well, wonder no more.

Family-Friendly Eateries

Sweet Treats

My family loves all the sweet treat-spots available in Homewood! Edgewood Creamery, Hero Donuts, Pastry Art and Edgar’s Bakery are a few of our favorites. My favorite treat would have to be the “Turtle” Baby Bite from Pastry Art.

Fostering Fellowship through Community

Local Neighborhoods

We love the neighborhoods! We moved to Homewood in 2007, and I have always loved jogging and walking around my neighborhood. Hollywood has the hills and the beautiful historic tudors to admire. Edgewood and Mayfair have great sidewalks and easy access to shops and restaurants. We currently live in Edgewood, and I enjoy walking to work on pretty days.

Bring on the Festivities

Homewood Parades

The parades are another favorite of mine. We have the We Love Homewood Day Parade, The Homecoming Parade, The Witches Ride, The Christmas Parade and now, the Walk for a Claus. The parades make Homewood feel like an old-timey, small town, and Homewood knows how to throw a parade!

Sentimental Spots

The Dance Foundation

I get really sentimental when I visit The Dance Foundation. My daughter, Scarlett, started dancing there when she was 2 years old. She is now 15 and still loves to dance. I will always be grateful for the caring and kind dance instructors that helped her develop a love for dancing. If you have a child interested in dance, The Dance Foundation is the best!

Making Memories

Homewood Athletic Fields

At the little league baseball fields, my son Knox’s team won a championship against an incredible travel ball team where we were definitely the underdogs. At Waldrop Stadium, Knox broke an elementary school track record! This fall, my daughter performed as part of the first-ever Homewood Starlets Dance Team. I am so proud of my children!