July 13, 2019


The Proposal: I (Wes) had been forthright with Alix about my intent not to get engaged any sooner than two years from when we started dating. This was appropriately named, “The 2 Year Rule.” I knew I wanted to marry Alix before the first year was over, but I intended to stick it out for the full two years. About a year after we started dating, she received word that her best friend had been diagnosed with Leukemia, and I decided to throw the two-year rule out the window. I wanted to be there for Alix as her fiancé and husband regardless of the outcome. By God’s grace, her friend is currently in remission.

Favorite Moment: We flew to St. Lucia and stayed for almost a week to elope. For the ceremony it was just the two of us, and the intimacy of that time together was surreal. We spent almost two hours just sitting together after the ceremony soaking in all the emotions.

Favorite Details:  We held our reception three months later in the Edgewood home I purchased in 2017. I saw tremendous potential from the very first time I’d walked through it, and we used Architectural Cooperative and Ketcham and Co. for our renovation. Alix was my partner in every decision made about the house. This was OUR project.

My favorite wedding details are encompassed in having our closest friends and families, in our home, in our town, celebrating our wedding. We wanted to provide our guests a true taste of what our day to day life together is like living in Homewood. We sourced all the food from the same Homewood-based restaurants that Alix and I frequent weekly. Our theme was “A glimpse of Alix and Wes’ life in Homewood,” and Barbara Gaines and her team hit a home run!


  • Ceremony Location: St. Lucia
  • Reception Event Planner: Happy Event Company
  • Florist: Martha Queen
  • Flowers Donated To: Repurposed Blooms
  • Calligraphy: Callie Honeysuckle
  • Wedding Dress: Elena Victoria Designs
  • Catering: Saw’s Barbecue, Taco Mama, Shiki Sushi, Savor Style
  • Cakes: Daughter’s Baking