Tag: July/August 2019

Shades Cahaba Lots of Love

A patio behind Shades Cahaba Elementary transitioned into a hair studio one afternoon in May as 12 girls lined up with ponytails, ready to have at least 8 inches cut off. These

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New York to Bama: Pizzeria GM

First they brought us Gianmarco’s. Now they are serving up Pizzeria GM in West Homewood. Here’s the story of the family—and the pizza oven—behind it all.

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The Big Ticket

Walt Harris might be a professional mixed martial arts fighter, but he knows what it feels like to be bullied too.

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Meet Maize

The most beloved faculty member at Hall-Kent Elementary might just be its service dog.

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A Plastic-Free Pilgrimage

What does it look like to remove single-use plastics from your home? You can buy shampoo bars, find reusable grocery bags and make your own cleaning solutions—but really the best starting point is to ask Mary Liz Ingram.

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A Taste of Tostadas

Homewood’s newest spot for queso and margaritas will also beg you for a game of corn hole on the patio or to come back for Taco Tuesday… or should we say Tostadas Tuesday?

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