Plant-based foods can be fun to eat. That’s what the new Farm Bowl + Juice Company owners—the ones who brought you Urban Cookhouse—are setting out to prove with their new concept. It’s under construction now on 29th Avenue South across from aLoft and Real & Rosemary in a building that will house both it and Urban Cookhouse.

You will also be able to call in or place an order online in advance and then pick it up from a a drive-through window, and drinks such as cold pressed juices, coffee and soft drinks require no advanced ordering. And if you come inside, you can snap a picture on their graphic wall. Andrea and David Snyder have been watching food trends in big cities, and now they are bringing this one to their neighborhood with new offerings that are ideal for breakfast and afternoon snacks. Here’s what you need to know about it.

First things first, you’ll need to order an acai bowl.  

How do you say that exactly? “Ah-sah-ee,” Andrea notes. The small, dark purple, berrylike fruit is packed with nutrients. They’ll blend it with cold-pressed juices (see more on that below) and then top it with fruits, nuts and other flavors of your choice.

If you’re feeling the Homewood spirit, The Patriot (pictured above) is fittingly topped with blueberry, cranberry, banana and granola and you can add on cacao nibs, chia seeds and/or pecans if you so choose. If you want a Palm Beach vacation in your bowl, this twist has banana, mango, pineapple, papaya and coconut with recommended add-ons of matcha, bee pollen and/or goji berries. Plus, there are six other acai menu options to choose from you’ll have to see for yourself.

Not feeling something cold?

You can skip the smoothie and warm up on cool days with nutrient-packed oatmeal bowls. The Red, White + Blueberry features rolled oats, blueberry, goji berry, pecans and cinnamon, and the Honey Nut (pictured below) has peanut butter, cacao nibs, banana, dried cranberry and Eastaboga honey.

Just want to drink your fruits and veggies?

You can stay basic with a fresh squeezed orange or cold pressed apple or throw some veggies in the mix with flavors like Green Machine (kale, spinach, apple, pear, ginger), Detox (beets, carrot, celery, lemon), Refresh (watermelon, mint, cucumber, beet) or the cleverly named Gym & Juice (honeydew, apple, spinach, spirulina, lemon, celery). There’s also a coconut water with pear, cucumber and honeydew and a chocolate almond milk.

Worried your kids won’t drink something green?

There’s a whole menu just for them that Andrea’s kids love. She says they even think acai is like ice cream. The Hero Bowl (pictured above) has strawberry, banana, peanut butter and Eastaboga honey, and the Watermelon Crawl Juice has watermelon, mint, lemon and cucumber. They can also order a PB&J Smoothie, the Ca-Caw Almond Milk (with chocolate and vanilla) and a fruity Might Oats bowl.

Looking for kombucha?

They have that too fromHarvest Roots Ferments from Mentone, Alabama, as well as brews from Homewood’s own Seeds Coffee.

You can still eat local.

Like its sister restaurant, Farm Bowl + Juice will source in-season ingredients from local farmers. Andrea says they’ll for sure work with local farmers to get kale, spinach and beets as well as local honey, although for coconut and citrus they’ll have to look to other regions with a more appropriate climate for growing them. On that train of thought, the restaurant will compost their fruit and vegetable waste and offer it to farmers—or for customers to purchase.

You can sit down, and sit down outside too.

Often smoothie and snack restaurants don’t have seating, but that’s not the case here. You can sit on the covered patio when the weather is to your liking or inside any time.

Farm Bowl + Juice Company will open in late December or January at 1920 29th Ave. S. Homewood Life will post on social media when we get word of their opening date.