When Logan Padgett moved to Homewood in sixth grade, he was far from a newcomer to the game basketball. He remembers going to Houston Rockets games when his dad, Scott, played on the team and seeing Yao Ming, one of his favorites, on the court. “I grew up loving [basketball], and it hasn’t gone away,” the Homewood High School junior says. “When the ball goes in the net, you get a certain thrill. It’s hard to explain.” We talked with Logan about what we’ll see this season as the varsity boys kick off their season Nov. 7.

What were some highlights of last season?

We had a pretty good team, but we fell pretty short. This year we have a more tight locker room where we are focusing on the same thing, not just individuals. Everyone on the team I know I can count on to do their job now if I get my job done. We know, “I’ve got your back, you’ve got my back.”

What will we see going into this season?

It’s definitely going to be more team basketball. There aren’t as many scorers as we had before, so we need people to step up. Hopefully I will be one of those. It should be fun to watch because we will be a defensive-minded team for sure. We only have two returning starters and five returning players. It should be a good season if we do what we are capable of doing. Freshman Trey Roberson will be a key ball player for us this year. Larkin Williams, our quarterback now, will be our point guard, so between me and him we will be two of our leading scorers hopefully. Jack Goldasich our shooting guard can really shoot it.

Your dad Scott Padgett was a NCAA national champion at Kentucky and NBA first-round draft pick before coaching (he’s now head basketball coach at Samford). What is and was it like having a coach for a dad?

It’s nice because he always corrected me and helped me through mistakes he’s made to get better at things he’s done because he’s been there. I want to be where he’s been, so he knows what it takes to get there. There are certain things that can move along know. He pushes hard and he wants it bad for me, but I think it’s because he knows I want it bad for myself.

How has your game evolved?

I am jumping higher, but that’s because I am working hard in the weight room. You put the work in, you’re going to get it out. My athleticism is one of my stronger parts of my game now. We are in the weight room every other day, and the days we are not we’re running hills. We’re always working on our game.

What is the school spirit like at Homewood?

If you support the other sports, they will eventually come back and support you. I do the lettermen for the volleyball team, and I try to go to all the football games.. We have a pretty good fan base for basketball. It’s exciting, and it gets you going.