What does BirminghamMommy.com founder and mom of three Angie Cleland love most about Homewood?

1. Bewitched

Homewood Witches Ride

Each Halloween the women of Homewood dress like witches, decorate our bikes and hit the streets of Homewood with pounds of candy in our baskets—all to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. It’s one of the things we look most forward to each year.

Magic City Sweet Ice2. Sweet Treats

Magic City Sweet Ice

To cool off from playtime at Patriot Park or get something sweet, we head here for Italian ice, gelats, beignets and more. While they have some delicious unique flavors like Coconut Creme, Cafe Latte and Mojito, our personal favorite is the Pink Lemonade.

Red Mountain Park3. Treehouse Adventures

Red Mountain Park

By far our favorite place to hike is Red Mountain Park with its 15 miles of trails, zip lining, beanstalk forest and an adventure wall. We love the treehouses located on the trails and make it our personal goal to visit at least one of the three each time we hike!


4. Local Gifts Galore

Alabama Goods

My go-to spot for gifts, Alabama Goods has a great selection of products, all Alabama made. From some of my favorite Birmingham T-shirts to jewelry and gourmet foods, anytime I’m looking to pick up a unique, personal gift, this is where I go. This wooden Alabama is my favorite purchase from there.



5. Scavenger Hunt

Vulcan Park & Museum

Everyone knows about Vulcan, but not everyone knows that you can pick up a scavenger hunt at the ticket box when you arrive. It asks you to locate various items throughout the park and inside the museum. The hunt and running down the grassy hills keeps my kids busy for hours.